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Pearl necklaces are a gift that last for a lifetime. A Tahitian or Akoya pearl necklace is an unforgettable gift.

Which pearls are best? It depends to a degree on personal preference. If you want small white pearls in a classic pearl necklace with high luster you’ll love Akoya pearls. If you want something larger and more exotic there are South Sea pearls in either white or golden colors. Dark pearls are usually Tahitian pearls. If you want something for a more moderate budget there is a lot of variety available in the Freshwater pearls.

The highest quality pearl jewelry sets are something that will be treasured for years to come.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about pearl jewellery. Visit our contact us page and drop us a line.

In a hurry? No time to browse or research? The selected pearl jewelry designs above are some of our customer favorites and "can't go wrong" gifts if you need a fine pearl jewelry gift in a hurry.

What Our Customers' Say

The pearls have arrived and they are absolutely gorgeous. They are very true to the photos you have on your website and just the most beautiful colour, I am so pleased I chose the Freshwater Orient as they are just as lovely just as you explained them to me. I have been a little nervous as I have never ordered such a thing or spent such money on the Internet before , however have to say the whole experience has been a pleasure with your very professional approach in keeping me up to date. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to friends. J. F.

Thank You So Much for all of the personal care and time you gave my order. This is evident in the quality of my new necklace! I just received my baroque tahitian necklace today. This magnificent piece of jewelry has the most radiant orient exploding in every direction! You refer to it as an AAA Luster and Orient; I would say it is 10x AAA quality! Very unique, beautiful, brilliant and mezmerizing! It literally captures your attention. A rare find! The actual picture of the necklace on your site does not do it justice! It is clear you use a realistic approach in your photography and do no doctor-up the pictures. Yet what a breathtaking surprise when you open that package! Integrity is a lost quality today. Thank You again, for that truly one-of-a-kind necklace. I will wear it with pride. K. M.

I chose Pearl Distributors for making my first pearl purchase. I bought a South Sea Golden Pearl pendant. It arrived today and I must say I was amazed. The packaging was top of the line...The necklace box looked as if it was purchased from a high end jewelry boutique and the pearl...OH MY !!! It is absolutely breathtaking... It was big,,, and Beautiful. I will cherish it and will soon be making my second Pearl Purchase...... with Pearl Distributors. Thank You K. H.
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