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Akoya pearl necklace
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Pearl Jewelry of the Finest Quality

At Pearl Distributors we take pride in offering only the highest quality pearl jewelry. We do not sell pearls of a lower grade than AA+ in either our Freshwater or Akoya pearls.

Listen to radio interview with Miriam Reed, co-owner of Pearl Distributors.

Which are the Best Pearls?

The best pearls for you may depend to a degree on personal preference. Do you want small white classic pearls or large exotic dark pearls? The following information will explain the difference between Freshwater pearls, Akoya pearls, Tahitian pearls and South Sea pearls, and which are the best quality pearls in each category. We're happy to answer any questions you may have about pearl jewelry. Visit our contact page and drop us a line.

Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are small saltwater cultured pearls. They are usually seen in classic style white pearl necklaces. They come from the Japanese pearl oyster Pinctada Fucata. They have extremely high luster and are more expensive than Freshwater pearls. The pearls are usually about the size of peas, and are usually white or cream. A black Akoya pearl necklace has a deep midnight color. This type of oyster doesn't naturally produce black pearls, so this beautiful color comes from pearls having been specially color treated. White Akoya pearl necklaces are the classic or traditional pearl necklaces that our mothers and grandmothers would have worn.

The very highest quality Akoya pearls are known as Hanadama pearls. These outstanding Akoya pearl necklaces are perfect in every sense and each comes with its own numbered Certificate from the Pearl Science Laboratory of Tokyo, Japan as well as the Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal from a GIA graduate.

South Sea Pearls

South Sea pearls are the largest cultured pearls available. They are about the size of marbles. They have a satiny luster and are often used for high quality pendants and pearl earrings. Pearl jewelry made of South Sea pearls has become some of the most highly prized jewelry today. In their natural colors the pearls are usually white or golden. South Sea pearl earrings are available with gold studs, dangles or clip-ons.

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are medium to large size cultured pearls, varying in size from the size of small to large sized marbles. They are usually distinguished by their color which usually ranges from black to silver with a variety of beautiful overtones such as peacock, green, cherry, blue and pistachio. Tahitian pearl necklaces can be made of round tahitian pearls or of baroque shaped tahitian pearls, each having a unique organic shape. The resulting baroque Tahitian pearl necklaces are highly appealing to the eye, because the unusual shapes favor a high degree of orient. Orient is a rainbow like iridescence that is prized in pearl jewelry. A pearl necklace made from baroque Tahitian pearls will be unique as the pearls are each as individual as snowflakes. The natural coloring of this type of black pearls produces a beautiful pearl necklace.

Freshwater Pearls

Most of the pearl jewelry we see today is made of freshwater pearls. They have a softer luster than the saltwater ones and give an impression of being delicate. Rather than the mirror like surface of saltwater pearls, freshwater ones seem to glow with light from within. They come naturally in several colors. These are the pink, peach and lavender pearl necklaces we see in jewelry shops today. The most popular pearl necklaces are still the white ones, with black pearl jewelry perhaps being next in popularity. The lower cost of freshwater pearl necklaces make them available to any budget.

The highest quality Freshwater Pearls are the Freshwater Orient Pearls. These have extraordinary luster and almost flawless surface quality. They are the very top of the line in Freshwater pearl jewelry.

Whatever you choose, pearl jewelry is something to treasure. And the sentimental among us will always remember who gave it to us!

Pearl Distributors Customer Reviews

"OMG - you are probably the most efficient organization that I have ever dealt with. They arrived to-day. Thank you" V.H.

"I received my pearls today and they are just stunning...I cannot thank you enough for all your service, your kindness and the quality of your work...they are just so perfectly matched, so beautifully done. My hat is off to you and your staff and all of those that are involved in this service to us. Thank you. Even though I won't be your biggest customer, you will be one of my biggest budget busters in the future - I can see that one coming down the tracks! Thanks an awful lot." C.S.

"Just a quick note to thank all involved with my order. They arrived today bang on time. The photo you have on site does not do the actual product justice, they really are exceptional. I wouldn't hesitate to order from you again and will tell all family and friends the same. I was hesitant ordering ... but there really was no need. Once again thank you for great service, delivery, quality and at a bargain price. Kind Regards A. B. (a very happy customer)."

"This morning, I received the most beautiful pearl necklace I've ever seen, truly! I've tried it on three times already and it looked perfect; the brilliance, the color, the length, how the strands hung on me, and best of all, they looked beautiful on me. I absolutely love it.
Anyone else would have given up on trying to make a necklace for me as I am so hard to please. You kept your professionalism and integrity throughout the process and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart." D.H.

Miriam- "I have to tell you that I have never experienced the level of customer service you provide. Truly amazing and inspiring in the age of automated everything and general apathy. Thanks so much for an exceptional product and unmatched responsiveness!" A.M

"Just got it - the final result is awesome. Simply put, as you describe it in your web site: 'nothing says it like a pearl'! I like it a lot. You are real professional and i would like so much to do business with you in the future. Thanks a lot" D.K.

Dear Miriam, I have received my necklace and would just like to thank you for your prompt service and assistance with this order. I am thrilled with my purchase and will continue to use your company. This is the third time that I have bought pearls from you and have been delighted with every purchase. L.D.

"Miriam Thanks to you and yr team. The necklace and earings arrived just 5 days after order and they're really beautiful. The combination of ivory with rose hue is just perfect. Thanks again for all yr help and advice. Will definitely use yr company again, a present for myself next time!" E.F.Ireland

"Both my husband and I are extremely impressed with the service from Pearl Distributors. The order was delivered in the UK on Friday - that was really fast! Thank you very much. I am delighted with the pearls - They are beautiful - great lustre and colour. Now I look forward to placing my next order. Thanks again, and for such fantastic client service too." K.M.

Buy pearl jewelry as a Gift

There's something special about a gift of pearl jewelry. A gift of pearls makes a woman feel valued. Of course, a gift has to suit the personality of the receiver. Here are a few ideas, based on a cross section of customer preferences. For someone who likes classic, elegant, traditional, give white Akoya pearls. For someone who likes sophisticated, bold and dramatic give Tahitian pearls or black Akoyas. For someone who likes pretty and delicate give pastel colored Freshwater pearls. For someone who likes bohemian, modern and casual give a Baroque Tahitian pearl on a leather strand. For someone who likes sensational and luxurious give South Sea pearls or round Tahitian pearls. For someone who has never had pearls before give white Freshwater pearls. If she's young and not into classic styles give black Freshwater pearls.

A gift of pearl jewelry can mark a special occasion such as an Anniversary a Wedding or a Graduation. The Pearl Anniversary is the 30th Wedding Anniversary and is commemorated by a special gift of pearls, often a high quality pearl necklace, to express the long-term love and loyalty that have kept two people together so successfully.

Pearl Bridal Jewelry

A dream wedding often includes a beautiful set of wedding pearls. A pearl necklace can be a man's gift to his bride, or her parents gift to their daughter. Many brides give pearl pendants or small Freshwater pearl necklaces as gifts to the bridesmaids. A large selection of bridal pearl jewellery is available, including pearl necklaces, pendants, earrings, and bracelets.

Real Pearl Necklaces

How do you tell the difference between genuine pearls and fake pearls? A simple, reliable way is to run the pearl gently over the front of your tooth. Real pearls feel gritty, whereas imitation pearls are smooth.

Pearl Necklaces of the Highest Quality

We encourage you to compare the quality and prices of our fine pearl jewelry with that found in any other retail stores. We pride ourselves on selling only the highest quality pearls for a fraction of what the same pearls would normally cost. Our Japanese Akoya pearl necklaces are esteemed for their high luster and the highest quality AAA Akoya and the prized Hanadama pearls, are breathtakingly beautiful. In the Freshwater variety of pearls the highest quality pearls are the Freshwater Orient pearls.

How Can We Sell This Quality for This Price?

We are frequently asked how we manage to provide pearl jewelry of this high quality for such low prices. Similar quality pearls usually sell for much higher prices. Pearl Distributors keep the prices low by purchasing pearls direct from the pearl farms and selling direct to the consumer. Happy customers are now able to enjoy pearl necklaces worth thousands of dollars at savings of over 80%.

Guaranteed Quality Pearls

We back all our pearl jewellery with a 100% money back guarantee. We accept all returns for 90 days.

Black Pearl Necklaces and Jewelry

Black Tahitian pearls are naturally dark in color. Few are a true black. Most are grey, silver, green or copper. However other more unusual colors do appear in Tahitian pearls. They are considered the finest of the black pearls and make outstanding pearl jewellery. Very deep black pearl necklaces with high luster and a uniform color are usually color treated black Akoya. Black pearl necklaces may also be made of Freshwater pearls, which when color treated come out in dark tones with appealing rainbow overtones.

Caring for Pearl Jewelry

Pearl jewelry must be protected from damage by chemicals such as that in hairspray and perfume. The lustre and surface quality of pearl necklaces can be damaged by many chemicals. So put on hairspray and perfume before putting on your pearls. Don't wear your pearl earrings when you go into a jacuzzi where the chlorine fumes can damage them. Wipe the pearls clean with a soft damp cloth after you wear them to preserve their beauty.

Pearl necklaces also need to be protected from drying out. If you live in an extremely dry area your pearls may need extra humidity so they don't run the risk of cracking. Wear them and moisten them occasionally, and don't store them in a very dry room or near a source of dry heat. Check our Pearl Care information for more details on how to keep your pearl jewelry investment in top condition.

10 Reasons to Buy your pearl jewelry from Pearl Distributors

Pearl jewellery is discounted to members of our Friends and Family Club. All customers are eligible to join the Friends and Family Club free of charge. We offer free shipping on all orders over $75. Even overseas shipping by FedEx is free on larger orders. We adhere to the highest standards of quality control in all our pearl necklaces, offer exceptional customer service, reliability and a completely secure checkout process. All our pearl jewellery comes with GIA approved Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal. No wonder our customers keep coming back to us for their pearl jewellery.


Shop here for the very best in quality Pearl Jewellery including Pearl Necklaces, Akoya Pearls, Freshwater Pearls, Tahitian and South Sea Pearls and Pearl Earrings.

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