Akoya Pearls

Akoya Pearl Necklaces
Pearl Necklaces made from black or white Akoya Pearls in both AA+ and AAA qualities and with different overtones.
Akoya Pearl Multi-Strand Necklaces
Akoya multi-strand Pearl Necklaces made from AA+ & AAA Akoya Pearls
Akoya Pearl Earrings
Akoya Pearl Stud, Dangle and Clip-on Earrings in white or black Akoya Pearls
Akoya Pearl Bracelets
Akoya Pearl Bracelets made from white or black Akoya Pearls in a different sizes and qualities.
Akoya Pearl Sets
Akoya Pearl Sets of matching necklaces earrings, and bracelets
Akoya Pearl Pendants
Akoya Pearl Pendants Gorgeous AAA Akoya Cultured Pearl Pendants of All Sizes! Akoya pearl pendants are available in both black Akoya and white Akoya pearls.
Information about Akoya Pearls
Akoya pearls are the classic round white pearls usually seen as Akoya pearl necklaces. Traditionally cream or ivory in color, they are also available in bright white (known as silver overtone) or white with a slightly pinkish tinge (known as rose' overtone). All our necklaces are available in single, double or triple strands and with matching earrings and bracelets as options. Black Akoya pearl necklaces are also available. The main advantage that Akoya pearls have over Freshwater pearls is their extremely high luster. Japanese Akoya pearls are saltwater pearls and are the most highly valued of the traditional round white or black pearl necklaces because of the mirror-like nature of the luster. This is direcly due to the type of oyster in which they grow. Akoya pearls form naturally in white, cream, dark beige, yellow and golden hues. Grey and blue Akoya pearls also can be found. However, they do not naturally form in black. Black Akoya pearls have been dyed to produce that rich, deep midnight black color that is very popular today. Black Akoya pearls retain the extremely high luster that makes them so beautiful. It is their high luster that makes Akoya pearls special. The color treatment leaves them with a uniform black color that is not seen in undyed black pearls of other species.
What are Hanadama Pearls?
The highest quality Akoya pearls are known as Hanadama pearls. Hanadama pearl necklaces are tested for nacre thickness and quality and each strand has an individually numbered certificate from the Pearl Science Laboratory in Tokyo, Japan. Pearl jewelry is a gift that will be treasured for its beauty and sentiment as well as its intrinsic value.
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