Black Tahitian Pearls

Black Tahitian Pearl Necklaces
The best that mother nature has to offer! Our photos are the exact photo of your Black Tahitian Pearl Necklace.
Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings
Our collection of Dazzling Black Tahitian Saltwater Pearl Earrings!
Black Tahitian Pearl Pendants
Stunning Black Tahitian Pearl Pendants that you design yourself! Could it get any better?
Black Tahitian Pearl Sets
Stand out in your unique, one of a kind, Baroque Tahitian Pearl Set! Each one is different!
Black Tahitian Pearl Bracelets
Baroque Tahitian Pearl Bracelets are One Of A Kind!
Black Tahitian Pearl Rings
Tahitian pearl rings with AAA Tahitian pearls complemented by diamonds.
Information about Black Tahitian Pearls
Black Tahitian Pearls
Tahitian pearls are some of the most beautiful and exotic pearls in the world. They are sometimes called black Tahitians because they are some of the few types of pearl that can be naturally dark in color. True black pearls are extremely rare, however. They are more commonly found in shades of silver, grey, green, copper and peacock.
Baroque Tahitian Pearls
Baroque refers to pearls that are not spherical in shape but have unusual organic shapes. Tahitan pearls have beautiful overtones and orient that can make baroque Tahitians outstanding. Rainbow-like orient is often seen in the ripples and grooves of the unique baroque shapes. Overtones are secondary colors that float over the dark body color, transforming a grey pearl into a fascinating dark pearl that shines with a combination of greens, pinks, blues, and copper as the light strikes it. A favorite overtone for many is "peacock" which is a combination of pink, green and sometimes blue. See photo of Tahitian overtones Orient is the rainbow-like iridescence found on some pearls. Baroque Tahitian pearls often have both an overtone or combination of overtones, and some orient.
Round Tahitian Pearls
Perfectly round pearls are rare and valuable. The large sizes of round Tahitian pearls make them highly valued. Exquisite round Tahitians of the highest quality, with their extremely high luster and beautiful overtones turn heads in the most demanding circles.
Tahitian Pearl Jewelry
As well as our outstanding collection of Tahitian pearl necklaces we have a wide variety of Tahitian pearl pendants that show off a single pearl and matching Tahitian pearl earrings in both studs and dangles. We also custom make baroque Tahitian pearl sets made of Tahitian pearl necklace, bracelet and matching dangle earrings.
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