Pearl Sets

White Pearl Sets
White Perfectly Matched Pearl Set. Luxurious in white and gorgeous for everyday! Saltwater and Freshwater sets in three overtones.
Pink or Peach Pearl Sets
Pretty in peach or pink for that very unique special look.
Black Pearl Sets
Bold in Black in a pearl jewelry set is amazing! Akoya and Freshwater sets in rich black.
Lavender Pearl Sets
Lavender Freshwater pearls in matching sets of necklace, bracelet and earrings
Multi-Color Pearl Sets
Beautiful multicolor pearl sets in a variety of sizes and shades
Information about Pearl Sets
Our pearl sets are composed of pearl necklace, pearl bracelet and pearl earrings. These are carefully matched for color, luster and surface quality to produce beautiful pearl sets that can be handed down to the next generation. The factors affecting the value of each individual pearl, such as the luster quality, surface quality, size, presence of overtone or orient as well as the careful matching will have an effect on the value of the sets. A well matched, high luster pearl jewelry set can be a treasure to last a lifetime. If you don't find the set you are looking for, send a note to us on our Contact us page. Most of our pearl necklaces are also available as pearl sets upon request.
Akoya Pearl Sets
Akoya pearls are perfectly spherical and come in white or black. Full pearl necklace sets are available in either white or black Akoya pearls. Necklace, bracelet and either stud pearl earrings or dangle pearl earrings are made with matching pearls to your specified length and pearl size. Specific pearl overtone can be requested. Akoya pendant and earring sets are also available.
Freshwater Pearl Sets
White pearl jewelry sets are often made from Freshwater pearls. These are chosen for their quality and are carefully matched to give you a perfect gift. Pearl sets are now available in the highest quality freshwater pearls - Freshwater Orient Pearls. These are available in pink, peach, lavender or white.
Tahitian Pearl Sets
Complete sets of pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings are available in Baroque Tahitian pearls. Round Tahitian pearl sets can be custom made. Tahitian pendant and earring sets are also now available.
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