South Sea Pearls

South Sea Pearl Pendants
The very finest from the South Seas. You create your own South Sea Pendant.
South Sea Round Pearl Necklaces
Amazingly seductive! Our prized collection of White and Golden South Sea Round Pearl Necklaces
South Sea Pearl Earrings
Gorgeous White and Golden South Sea Earrings in both studs and dangles.
South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklaces
One of a kind white and golden South Sea Baroque Pearl Necklaces.
Golden South Sea Pearls
Golden South Sea necklaces, pendants and earrings in both round and baroque Golden South Sea pearls.
White South Sea Pearls
Tahitian pearl rings with AAA Tahitian pearls complemented by diamonds.
Information about South Sea Pearls
"The most beautiful pearls I have ever seen" was how one customer described her South Sea pearl earrings. Exotic and impressive, south sea pearls are the largest and rarest of cultured pearls. The large molluscs they grow in produce naturally golden South Sea pearls and naturally white South Sea pearls. They can take years to grow and many more years to find enough perfectly matched pearls to make pearl necklace. South Sea pearls make a very striking pearl pendant with one lustrous large pearl set in either white or yellow gold. Check the different styles we have available in South Sea Pearl Pendants or contact us with your specifications. South Sea pearl necklaces are available as custom orders upon request. South Sea pearl earrings are outstanding both as studs or as dangle earrings. We offer these heirloom quality earrings in sizes ranging from 9 to 13mm. Why not give the precious gift of rare South Sea pearls to the special someone in your life? White South Sea pearl earrings or pendants are now made by Pearl Distributors with only AAA quality pearls. The quality of these gems is the very best. These may have overtones of blue, rose', cream or silver. Request the overtone you prefer. Golden South Sea pearls may vary in the intensity of golden hue. A lighter or darker shade may be requested, according to personal preference. If you're looking for a strand of matching round white pearls contact us for custom order large South Sea pearl necklaces or see our white pearl necklaces for smaller size white pearls.
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