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Quiz: Which are the Best Pearls for YOUR Dad?

Quiz: Which are the Best Pearls for YOUR Dad?

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One usually thinks of pearls as a gift for mother. In this new modern world that idea has changed. Pearls are now a popular way to express our feelings towards our fathers. The modern man now wears pearls with pizzazz and finesse. So, Pearls for Dads... which ones?

This quiz will best define which type of Pearl Gift would best suit your dad.

Your Father-Child activities were:
1. movie night with popcorn and snacks; doing homework together.
2. camping, walking the dogs, working around the yard.
3. Family vacations to exotic places, season tickets to see your favorite team.
4. go carting, eating pizza after a hockey game, going racing.

What was your Dad's favourite movie to watch with you?

1. Finding Nemo
2. Indiana Jones
3. Premier of anything. He always got you tickets.
4. Fast and Furious... with surround sound.

What was your Dad's mode of transportation?
1. SUV. There was room for everything.
2. Jeep w 4 wheel drive.
3. Train to work. BMW for weekends at the lake.
4. Motorcycle.

What was your Dad's dress code?

1. vest or sweater
2. T-shirt and jeans, plaid shirt
3. Shirt and tie. He looked smashing in his suit.
4. Black leather jacket.

Let's determine what kind of Dad you have.
Mostly #1 answers
1. You have the Classic/Hands on Dad. This dad does everything the typical way. He is always there to help you and never failed you.
This dad would love a Man's Black Tahitian Pearl Ring.

Mostly #2 answers
This is the Casual/Nature loving dad. He loves the rugged outdoors kind of life. He is a no frills kind of person who taught you how to survive.
Our Black Tahitian Pearl on a Leather Neckpiece is the perfect match for this easy going father.

Mostly #3 answers:
Our Tahitian Pearl Cufflinks suit this Provider/Businessman Father. He always made sure you had more than enough and this allowed you to have certain privileges in life. He taught you how to have a work ethic and also the value of things. He exposed you to a wonderful world few can only dream of.

Mostly #4 answers:

This is the Cool Dad. This dad was your buddy and at times your playmate. Your experiences in life were enriching and fulfilling. Your cool dad would be thrilled to wear an organic, cool pearl earring. A Black Tahitian pearl earring would go great with his black leather jacket.

If you have thought before that Pearls are not a gift for men. Rethink this idea. Men are wearing more jewelry this century. Pearls are organic and suit the lifestyle of men. Centuries ago pearls were almost exclusively worn by men and royalty. Welcome the new era of Men in Pearls.

Check out our new Pearls for Men with both AAA Tahitian pearls and Baroque Tahitian pearls.  Or custom order according to your own pearl preferences.

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