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Akoya Pearls

Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are the classic white saltwater pearls.  They are known  for extremely high luster and perfectly round shape.  In size they are often seen in small pearls about the diameter of the eraser of a pencil, which is between 6 and 7mm.  But the larger the size the more outstanding they are.  Japanese Akoya pearls grow to about 9 or sometimes 9.5mm in size.  It's very difficult for them to grow larger because they oyster they grow in is quite small.  Shown here are 9.0-9.5mm Akoya pearls, which are the largest we get from Japan.

White Akoya pearls are sold as necklaces that can be strung into any length the customer desires.  This week one of the specials we are offering  includes several sizes of Akoya pearl necklaces with free matching earrings.  This represents considerable savings for the customer and has been one of our most popular sales in previous years.

The traditional quality rating developed by Mikimoto was the A (medium quality) AA (good quality) and AAA (best quality) system.  This is still used by most jewellers today.   A  separate grading is given for exceptional pearls that surpass all the AAA standards and have very thick nacre.  They are called Hanadama, and are considered the absolute best.  Each Hanadama pearl necklace is individually examined and has its own numbered certificate.  They are the very best Akoya pearls.

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