"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls."
Pablo Picasso

The essence of art is to be able to express ourselves. To show others what is inside of us. That may be the reason each one interprets art so uniquely.

Jewelry is like art. Jewelry is art. Who has not admired a finely crafted piece and admired the creativity of the designer. This 2016 season designer Sophie Bille Brahe had a hit with her creative Pearl Ear Muffs. They were one of the hottest looks on the catwalks. Art in its truest form.

To be truly artistic in wearing pearls-- be innovative. Don't follow the pack. Find new ways to wear them. Art is a masterpiece when we create something different and show how we feel inside. When others understand what we want to say... we have achieved our goal. Explore within yourself to see what you want to say to the world and say it with pearls.

Jewelry can give you confidence because you are creating a look unique to yourself. This creativity can bring a release and joy as a by product because you are sharing your soul ( your inner self) with the world. Pearls, especially, can uplift your mood. They are pure, organic and eternal. You can never go wrong with expressing yourself with pearls. The versatility of pearls allows us freedom in our endeavor to showing our inner selves.

So next time you feel like you need to dust off the hum drum feeling in your day, reach for your pearls. They will not only cheer you up but they will help you connect to others who will appreciate that you cared enough to share some art and beauty with them.