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Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Freshwater Pearl Necklaces can vary in quality, shape, and color more than any other pearl type. The reasons for that are:

  • Freshwater pearls come naturally in many colors.  Some natural colors are pink, peach, mauve, lavender, beige, white
  • Freshwater pearls that are not of such high quality are often dyed into a rainbow of colors.
  • Freshwater pearls do not normally have a bead nucleus used in the culturing process.  This means they can be many shapes other than round.  Perfectly round pearls do occur but are harder to find.
  • New culturing techniques used with the freshwater mussels have had success in producing very large pearls that do have a nucleus.  They are sometimes called Edison pearls.
  • Unlike the saltwater Akoya oysters, Freshwater mussels can produce pearls from very small to quite large in size.

A Freshwater pearl necklace is often less expensive than others because the mussel can produce multiple pearls at the same time.  The lower prices make these pearls ideal for very long pearl ropes.

The necklace shown in the photo is a single 100 inch strand of AA+ pearls that has been looped around the neck five times, giving the appearance of a five strand pearl necklace.  We also make multi-strand pearl necklaces of higher quality pearls using 14k gold clasp or diamond and gold clasps.  These can be custom made to any length and made with any size or type of pearls you prefer.  Just drop us a line on our contact us page or browse our multistrand pearl necklaces.

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