"Mothering Sunday" was originally a day to celebrate the Mother Church.   One of the first countries to take a special day and set it apart for mothers was England.  They took the name "Mothering Sunday" and gave a free day to servants to go home and visit with their mothers.
It was in the early 1900's when Mother's Day started to be celebrated in the U.S.  The story goes that a young daughter Anna Jarvis loved her mother so much that when she died in May of 1905,  Anna wanted a special day to honour all mothers.  Woodroe Wilson  then later established the day to celebrate and honour all mothers.
Today many chose to celebrate the day sending cards and flowers to show their love and appreciation for the person who loves them unconditionally.   To show her individuality and to give her a lasting gift we are offering a wide variety of pearl necklaces to allow you to give something everlasting.
My pick for this Mother's Day are freshwater pearls which can fit into anyone's budget.