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Jewelry Trend Spring/Summer 2014 Stacked Bracelets... try it with Pearl Bracelets

Jewelry Trend Spring/Summer 2014 Stacked Bracelets... try it with Pearl Bracelets

To quote Coco Chanel "Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.

Never has that idea been more true in dressing up with jewels than
with Stacking Bracelets. It is truly "fashion architecture" at its

The trend started a few years ago. It was so loved by the masses that
it seems it is a trend that will be staying for a while. This season
is no exception. Stacked Bracelets can be worn with a variety of
looks. It can dress up the simple dress or add character to office
clothes. Make basic clothes like jeans and a tee look trendy with
stacks. They can be worn to the beach or to a wedding.

There are many ways you can stack bracelets and we would like to
share some of our favorites with you.

How to Stack Bracelets:

One of the main things to remember is you can wear as many or as few
bracelets as you would like. The more you wear the more trendy you
become. Some prefer just a few strings of pearls in one colour and it
adds the needed pizzazz. A change up is made by putting strings of
different coloured pearls together. You can either stick with pastel
colours or go bold with the teals, aubergines and greens. Pearls
come in all of these colours. This is a classy way to stack
bracelets. A wrist full of pearls will always attract attention.
Pearl stacks look great at formal occasions like proms and weddings.

The second way to use your pearl bracelet in a stacking manner is to
combine it with other styles of bracelets. There are a few rules to
make this look more like architecture.

1. Start with a pearl bracelet that will match the other ones you
are using. For example if you are going for a Bohemian look a
multi-coloured strand would be perfect.

2. Add a cuff style of bracelet to anchor the stack. This will make
it look more grounded. This could also be a 3 strand pearl bracelet

3. Add coloured bracelets to give it interest.

4. To get texture use metal and/or wood.

5. A bangle or two will give the stack variety.

6. Use bracelets with patterns and geometric designs to add dimension.

After all is done make sure your nail polish matches the stack. A
pearled polish to match the pearls in the bracelet would finish the

Either one of these looks are bound to draw attention so be prepared
for the compliments. Enjoy this fun trend this season with your new pearl bracelets.

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