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Morphing of Pearl Jewelry - 2016

Morphing of Pearl Jewelry - 2016

Pearl jewelry has morphed from the classic pearl strand and button earrings into a modern accessory.  Unusual new pearl styles are emerging and being worn side by side with the ever popular pearl necklace set.

On the runways this year pearls were being used in unique ways. My favorites were the Stella McCarthy rings. Using various sized pearls the model donned a different size ring on each finger close to the nail. One nail was even completely covered with the pearl. Another look, less dramatic, although just as eye catching was found on the runways of Jason Wu. The double pearl rings with matching gold bands made me think "two is better than one". Loved it!!!

The models from Balenciago had multiple pearl earrings from the lobes to the cartilage. The styles were mixed and matched ranging from dangling to button to chandelier earrings. They were show stoppers. Hand bracelets were also seen by many models and pearls make these look spectacular.

Old World Jewelry is being brought back to remind us of days gone by... quieter and gentler times. Because of this, brooches made a huge comeback. For years they were being thought of as old relics. They have morphed into becoming a way of showing creativity and imagination. The new designs are standouts. Design your own brooch with the help of our team. We have beautiful loose pearls that we can help you choose for a design of your imagination.

Trending this season are Ear Muffs and Regal Headphones. Hope you didn't miss Rhianna wearing her jewel studded headphones. Pearls are the perfect gem to add to this look. They not only look regal but they also are easy to incorporate.

For those that find the salt water pearl jewelry on the pricey side we offer lovely options in fresh water pearls that are a bit more economical yet still remarkable.

Whatever way you choose to morph your pearls for 2016 we wish the best fashion year for you. Our team is available for any questions you may have on adding pearls to your accessories this year.

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