Peach Pearls

Orange, coral and peach are all in style this summer.  To complement these outfits try to find some pearls that are naturally orange or peach in color!  They look amazing!  Freshwater pearls often come in shades of peach, orange, apricot.  They aren't dyed.  Many of them have great luster and some even have iridescence.

The AA+ Freshwater peach pearls may not be perfectly round, but the beautiful colors and high luster more than make up for it.  AAA peach pearls are much closer to round and have a cleaner surface.  And of course, if nothing but the very best will do.... check out the Freshwater Orient Collection.

Don't see the color you're looking for?  Send us a photo showing the color you're trying to match and we'll do our best to find that shade of pearls for you.  You see, not all peach pearls are the same color. Shades of peach can vary a lot in tone and intensity.  Most Freshwater pearls tend to be a pastel color.   No one can determine in advance what shade the pearls will be when the mollusk is opened.  It's an exciting moment when the shell is opened and the pearls can be seen for the first time.  Will there be one that is a perfect color for you?