Each pearl necklace like each person is unique.   This fun quiz is designed to match each of you with your own special pearls.

  1. Which words describe you best?
    1. romantic, feminine, graceful, calm
    2. earthy, practical, strong, sensible
    3. dramatic, bold, vibrant, out-going
    4. youthful, bubbly, friendly, warm
  1. What color palette do you prefer?
    1.   pinks, light blue, lavender, periwinkle
    2.   brown, gold, orange, olive green, yellow
    3.   black, white, red, vibrant colours
    4.   peach, aqua, camel, cream, yellow
  1. What would you prefer to do for an evening out?
    1.   go for a romantic dinner
    2.   friends around a campfire singing old standards
    3.   go to a party and dance the night away
    4.   enjoy nature while walking in a park
  1. Where would you go on your dream vacation?
    1.   Paris
    2.  Grand Canyon
    3.   NYC
    4.   Glacier National Park
  1. How would you describe your fashion sense?
    1.    Classic
    2.   Sporty, Adventurous, Natural, Bohemian
    3.   Trendy, avant garde, bold
    4.   Sparkly, cheerful, youthful, frilly
  1. Which hair and eye colour is closest to yours?
    1. a)  blue, green eyes   blonde to light brown hair, may have reddish highlights
    2. b)   hazel eyes, brown eyes, green eyes.  red hair, blonde, brunette with reddish tones.
    3. c)  brown eyes, black eyes, piercing blue eyes.  Brunette, black hair or white
    4. d)  silver hair, strawberry blonde, brown hair, reddish tones or golden tones.  brown, blue or green eyes.


Mostly "a" answers.   CLASSICIST

You are the epitome of a classy lady.  Elegance is the key ingredient for you.

A classic pearl necklace in shades of white, pink or lavender would be your perfect choice.  Pearl stud earrings make lovely gifts for this graceful woman.

Mostly "b" answers   BOHEMIAN

You are an intense and strong woman.   You know what you like and have no problem being different than the crowd.   You have a tendency to stand out and nothing will suit you better than our Golden South Sea Pearls.   Out of all the types you are the one most likely to wear stacked bracelets and ropes and ropes of pearls.   Our multi-coloured pearls and  Victoria collection are choice gifts for the Bohemian woman.

Mostly "c"  answers    MODERN SOPHISTICATION

This is the woman who can wear black pearls and white pearls equally well.  Our Tahitian Tin Cup Pearl Necklace or Tahitian Pearl Diamond Cascade Pendant will look stunning.   Metallic Pearl Necklaces also bring out the trendiness in you.

Mostly "d" answers   FOREVER YOUNG

You are the most playful of women.   Peach or White Freshwater Pearls will add to your youthfulness.   You are the woman who is most likely to wear lots of jewelry.  Buying sets of pearl necklaces, bracelets and earrings allows you to mix and match.   This is something you enjoy doing.

There are basic pearl jewelry items that suit all women like the ever popular classic white pearl necklace.   With pearls there is no wrong choice.   When choosing jewelry have fun.    This is an treasure you will keep for a lifetime.