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Pearl Statement Necklace - How to Make a Statement with Pearls

Pearl Statement Necklace - How to Make a Statement with Pearls

Statement Jewelry is a way of telling the world that we have something to say without verbalizing it.   Modern day Statement Jewelry uses many ideas from days gone by but the purpose remains the same.
The idea is a desire to have the onlooker want to get to know the wearer better.  It is also a reminder to the wearer, to continue to portray themselves in a certain light.  It can give confidence and security to the wearer.
There are no rules to modern day jewelry wearing.   The following guidelines therefore are mainly to help the modern day woman make the statement with clarity and certainty.
PEARLS are the perfect gemstone to bring out the special and uniqueness of each wearer.    They take on the qualities of the man or woman wearing them.  If the statement with pearls is to be soft, then the pearls can bring a softness to the individual.   If the statement with pearls is to be bold, then larger pearls in a long strand can clearly assure  everyone that the one wearing them has arrived.

How do you make a Statement with Pearls?

1.   BIG.    Statement jewelry is usually big.   Outstanding in some way.
      With pearls this can be done with long strands,  very large pearls,
      stacked bracelets or cuffed bracelets or pearl cuffed earrings.
2.   UNIQUE.  There has to be something unique or different about the
       piece you chose to make the statement with.   It can be an antique
       pearl brooch,  a necklace you designed yourself with the help of
       PEARL DISTRIBUTORS, or a pearl with an unusual colour that can
       be found on our website or special ordered.   Make the look your own.
3.   SIMPLICITY.   Wear only one statement item.   If you wear too
       many statement items, the look gets confusing.   For example, if
       you wear a statement ring and a statement necklace and earrings
       the look can become overwhelming and nothing will stand out.
       This includes wearing a pearl necklace with a busy fabric and a
        statement handbag and shoes.   All these pieces will get lost in
        the competition.   Although the look might be interesting it will not
        make the statement you wish it to.  Be careful also of makeup.
        This may also compete with the look if the makeup is too bold.
        Statement Earrings  might make it necessary to consider the
        hairstyle.   A pulled back style or  updo might make the earrings
        more outstanding.
4.    ATTITUDE.    Be clear about what message you wish to convey
       before you start.  Remember you are trying to catch the eye of
       the onlooker.   Beware of sending wrong signals.  You don't need
       to be bizarre to catch the attention of someone.
5.   VERSATILITY.    This look is not just for special occasions.   This
       can be converted into an everyday look.    Go from office to
6.    COLOURS.    It is important not to have clashing colours.  If you
       choose pearls that are aqua or peach for example, it would be
        important to make sure the colour backdrop is flattering.   Black,
        white and other neutrals make wonderful backdrops for pearls.
7.    ENJOY.   Remember this is your Statement with Pearls.  It is your
        communication without a word.   Make sure that you enjoy what
        you are wearing because it will be reflected through your poise.
Browse our site and find your own STATEMENT with PEARLS.

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