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Pearl Tin Cup Necklaces

Pearl Tin Cup Necklaces

This famous necklace became poplular in the 1990s after the release of the movie "Tin Cup" with Renee Russo and Kevin Costner.  Renee Russo wore a beautiful tin cup necklace (also known as station necklace, floating pearls or scattered pearls) which was designed by Wendy Brigade.

A Tin Cup (trade marked name) or Station Pearl Necklace is a necklace that has a pearl "stationed" at specific sections around a chain.  The original from the movie has 7mm to 8mm baroque Japanese cultured pearls.  Nowadays you can find tin cup necklaces with many varieties of pearls and lengths.  Sometimes you can even find a double one.  It modernized the classic strand of pearls look.

The question of the time was FAD or FASHION.  Now, 20 years after the release of the movie and presentation of the necklace, we have seen that the Tin Cup Pearl Necklace was not a fad but has left a mark on Pearl Fashion, becoming a modern classic.

Please check out our webiste for a high quality Pearl Tin Cip or Station necklace. You will be pleased with its versatility and pleased to own this modernized pearl necklace.  Contact our customer service team for a quote on a double tin cup necklace or a custom length one.  We can use your choice of South Sea pearls, Tahitian pearls or Freshwater pearls in round or baroque shaped pearls.  Each necklace is completely unique!

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