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Pearls for a "Pearl of a Mother"

Pearls for a "Pearl of a Mother"

My Mother, My Pearl

Her heart is like a Pearl.
If I had a pearl for every time she lifted me up,
.... for every tender word of encouragement.
If I had a pearl for every tear she wiped from my eyes,
.....for taking care of the pain.
If I had a pearl for every caring prayer,
...... for feeling of power of them throughout my days.

I would string each pearl and they would reach to the ends of the earth..... and you, my mother would be worth more than all of these.

Do these sentiments reflect your feelings of your mother? Reflections about our mothers are healthy ways to feel more appreciative about life in general. Showing appreciation through gift giving is also a way to bring joy to others while bringing joy to ourselves.

We offer many beautiful varieties of a <a href="">string of pearls</a> from classic white, to pink, to lavender, to peacock colours. Our South Sea Pearls are a magnificent look for mothers. Look through our webpages and reflect on which string of pearls best suits your "Pearl of a Mother".

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