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Pearls for Professionals: Gifts for Teacher or Nurse

Pearls for Professionals: Gifts for Teacher or Nurse

In this world, where little appreciation is shown for others, wouldn't it be a good time to reward those who care for us in a professional way. Our teachers and nurses daily do a work of putting others first in their lives. Teachers take care of our minds and nurses take care of our bodies. What better way is there to thank them for their care, than with pearls for professionals.

Pearl jewelry for people in these professions need to be well thought out. For example, nurses often need to put on gloves or scrub up. They live in scrubs, they use chemicals at times and have close contact with others physically. A ring for example might not be the best gift for a nurse. It might scratch against someone or be lost easily when she takes it off to put on gloves. Pearl Stud earrings might be a better choice or a pendant pearl necklace.

Teachers have other challenges. They do not want to wear jewelry that is distracting. So the look they would be going for would be more conservative. Again dangling earrings or something too big might take away the attention of the students. In this case, conservative earrings or a simple pearl ring, would work wonderfully. A teacher could also wear a short strand of pearls or a short pearl pendant necklace. A short necklace works well for a teacher because she at times needs to lean over a desk and then the necklace wouldn't be in the way.

Of course, if you are thinking of after work activities for people of both professions then by all means gifting something a little more outstanding would be a welcome addition to their collection. We have many choices of earrings and necklaces that can be worn impressively to any gala.

If there is a nurse in your life who has shown extra care in taking care of you or someone you love OR a teacher who has inspired you, a gift of pearls for professionals would show them the depth of your gratitude. From the depths of the sea, to show the depth of feelings from your heart. ..... nothing says it like pearls.

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