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Soufflé Pearls

Soufflé Pearls

Soufflé pearls are the newest trend in Pearl Jewelry!!!  These large, lightweight pearls began to appear around 2010. Only a few farms in the world produce soufflé pearls. This makes them very difficult to find. Because of their rarity, this Chinese freshwater pearl has attracted a lot of attention.

Their name was coined by pearl expert, Jack Lynch. The French verb souffler means to inflate, to puff or to breathe. It comes from the Latin sufflare which means to blow. These intriguing pearls look much like the French dessert soufflé which is all puffy and light.

Pearl farmers are very careful to protect their mollusks. They are not thrown out after the first harvest of a pearl. Shells are used continually over many years. Soufflé pearls are often the 3rd or 4th graft pearls. Freshwater mollusks may still be producing beautiful pearls when over 10 years old.

After the first harvest, mollusks left with a pearl sac are replanted with pond mud instead of a piece of mantle. This earthen material is dried in the sun, sometimes in different shapes and used for nucleation. When this dried mud is introduced into the sac it absorbs humidity and begins to expand and the mollusk proceeds to cover the mud with nacre. This expanding is what makes the soufflé pearls so large, many as big as 25mm. When these pearls are harvested someone is assigned the unpleasant task of drilling into the pearl and removing the sludge/ mud that is inside. The result is a hollow pearl which is much lighter than other baroque pearls.

What makes Soufflé Pearls unique?  The inspiring colors are amongst the most intense pearl colors produced by Freshwater pearl mollusks. The pearls appear metallic in greens, lilac, purples, golden peach and rose, somewhat like smaller metallic Freshwater pearls but perhaps more outstanding because of the way the light reacts due to the thickness of the nacre and the shape of these pearls. The thick nacre is lustrous and has a high iridescence. What makes these pearls super appealing is the fact that despite their large size they are so very lightweight because of being hollow.

These organic, unprocessed pearls come in an array of shapes as well from the spherical, baroque, round, drop and they look puffy like a soufflé. They add personality to any outfit a woman is wearing and will bring attention for their sheer beauty.

Welcome to this newest discovery and may we enjoy soufflé pearls for many years to come.

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