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Tahitian Pearl Necklace - How to Choose

Tahitian Pearl Necklace - How to Choose

What should you look for in a Tahitian pearl necklace?

  • Shape:  Round Tahitian pearls are more valuable and very elegant.  Baroque Tahitian pearls have unusual shapes and intense colors that are particularly suitable for 2015 fashions.
  • Luster:  Luster is always the most important thing to look for in any pearl.  The higher the luster of a Tahitian pearl the clearer the reflections will be in it.  You should be able to see reflections of a source of light and if the luster is excellent that reflection will have a sharp edge.  You should also be able to see yourself reflected in the pearl.  The higher the luster the sharper the reflections will be. Some pearls have very good luster but the reflections are a bit blurred.  Pearls with poor luster are dull and don't show any reflections.
  • Color:  Choose the color that you personally like.  Tahitian pearls come in a wide variety of colors, with grey, and dark shades of green, aubergine and peacock being totally natural.
  •  Size:  Bigger is better with most Tahitian pearls.  But the prices also increase with size.
  • Surface Quality:  Every Tahitian pearl is unique.  Most develop with some surface flaws as part of the pearl.  So long as they are not too big or too deep, this need not detract from the beauty of the pearl. The higher the grading the cleaner the surface will be.
  • Matching:  Look for a strand that is made of well matched pearls.  No two pearls will be completely identical but try to get them as evenly matched in color as possible, unless you're deliberately going for a multi-color look.

The variety of Tahitian pearl necklaces is incredible.  So there will definitely be one with your name on it!

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