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Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian Pearls

Tahitian pearls are an amazing gift from the sea.  Most Tahitian Pearls don't actually come from the island of Tahiti but other islands in French Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean.  The black-lipped oyster produces "black" pearls.  But it's the fantastic blue/green and purple iridescence that draws the eye.  A favorite color is known as "peacock" which is a combination of green, blue and purple or pink. But many other colors occur naturally in these amazing pearls.  Aubergine, cherry and green are among some of the amazing colors.  Many Tahitian pearls are a beautiful gleaming silver, sometimes with an intriguing hint of aqua, blue or other colors as an overtone.

These pearls are considerably larger than the traditional white Japanese pearls.  One outstanding pearl can be worn on its own as a pendant or ring.  Men wear them as cufflinks or on a leather strand as either necklace or bracelet.  Women wear long strands of them, or wear them as earrings and pendants.  Baroque Tahitian pearls are unusual natural shapes that often shimmer with different colors as the light hits them from different angles.  Whether as round pearls or baroque they are gorgeous gems to own.

This gift from the sea is one of nature's most beautiful surprises.

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