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Tears of Mermaids - Pearl Necklace Set for Mom

Tears of Mermaids - Pearl Necklace Set for Mom

I still remember the first day I was introduced to Pearls. I was about 5 or 6 years old when my classically beautiful mother walked into the room wearing "perfection". She had on a simple turquoise dress with a single strand of pearls. I was hooked!!!

Stephen G. Blooms' book "Tears of Mermaids" reminds me of my reaction to my mother's pearls. He was so enamored of his mother's pearls that it took him on a 30,000 mile, 4 years quest to trace a single pearl.

What moves one to such lengths?
This gem is not a mere bauble, nor is it merely calcium coating a bead. It builds a relationship with those who wear them and those that behold such loveliness. The pearls actually can absorb body heat and then reflect onto the skin.

Even though the Pearl market is basically orderly, there is no universal way to grade all pearls. Much has to do with the beholder; where in his eyes lies the beauty and the value. The basic criteria is usually the same for all pearls.

  1. Size
  2. Luster
  3. Surface
  4. Symmetry
  5. Orient
  6. Overtones

Nowadays, there is no need to travel 30,000 miles to retrieve your own "tears of mermaids". The Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set can be sent to you. This would make an amazing gift for a new mother. Her children can also experience the transformation made when their mother puts them on and the skin begins to shine from the luminizing quality of the pearls. Motherhood will be doubly radiant. So if the mother of your child is giving you the most precious gift in the world, return the radiance she is giving to your face with some splendor for hers.

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