On May 5, 2014, the runway was blessed with the Karl Langerfeld 2015 Collection.    Out of the 80 outfits, 10 of them featured pearls.  There were multiple strands of various lengths.   Breathtaking!!!
2015 is a great year for jewelry lovers.   The runways from Milan to NYC were graced with exciting additions.   From the ostrich feathers to exotic snake skins they were adorned with pearl jewelry, leather, fur jewelry in every style imaginable.
This year there are three trends that I am paying special attention to.
1.  Slant Matching.   This is jewelry that isn't an exact match but when put
     together with other pieces complement each other.   Example faux fur and
     .   Pearls and faux fur in powder puff tones would be an example of
     slant matching.  You could chose from our lovely peach pearls.
2.  Statement Jewelry.   This jewelry is big and eye-catching.   Choker
      pearl necklaces or stacked bracelets fall well into this category.  Collars
      are ubiquitous this year and a pearl collar would create quite a
3.   Tribal Influences.    The Inca and Aztecs believed that pearls had
      powers.    They used them to adorn themselves.   Many of the tribal
      styles can use pearls.  The 2015 season makes a  tribal statement.
There are so many ways to incorporate pearls in 2015  following the new trends.    This season we will be seeing leather collars, gold thread cuffs which can be dotted with pearls.   All black silhouettes would look lovely with the  Tahitian Black Pearls.   Triangular shapes and single charm earrings would be lovely with seed pearls.   Wearing jewels at cuff level will be widely popular.   To see a few strands of pearls peeking out at the cuff of a business suit will give the wearer extra charisma.
You can just imagine yourself combining the new huge crystal flowers with pearls.   What a delicate yet bold look that would make.  Yet, although every season they come up with wonderful new looks, the Coco Chanel look of strands and strands of pearls never goes out of style and again in 2015 it was a highlight on the fashion runways.