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Valentine Guide: When flowers and chocolate are just not enough!

Valentine Guide: When flowers and chocolate are just not enough!

Forget chocolates and flowers! One makes you fat and the other will wilt and end up thrown in the trash! What really makes a wise, ideal Valentine’s day gift are luxurious, high-end pearls, and ours are of the utmost quality in every way. While diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, pearls are her secret lover!

Pearls are truly romantic, and everyone looks good in them. And if you have good taste, they’re an essential. Even if you have bad taste, you still gotta dress up every once in a while, and pearls are a quick, surefire way to do so.

Whether you’re married, in a relationship, or heck, even single, you can’t go wrong with our studs, bracelets, necklaces and pendants to celebrate Valentine’s day. For the right glimmering gift for the special lady in your life, browse our latest items.

If your sweetie prefers something simple but still elegant, and likes her pieces to match, our Akoya Pearl Set is the perfect buy. If your significant other is more of a fashionable minimalist, go for our White Akoya Pearl Necklace. But if the standard pearl necklace doesn’t suit your gal, and you’d like to express to her that she truly is your one and only, we think our South Sea Victoria Pendant is the best bet!

However, if white isn’t really her thing (let’s be honest, it doesn’t flatter all of us!) try something completely different but equally as stunning- our Black Freshwater Pearl set. Everyone looks great in black! We think these are particularly tailored to ladies of a certain age.

But if your special someone can’t make up their mind, (face it, sometimes us girls can’t!) then our multi-color freshwater pearl necklace is the perfect choice. It goes great alone, or paired with any color of our dangles or studs.

Thinking about getting lilacs, lavender or violets for the one you love? Well don’t! They eventually start to droop and not smell so fresh anymore, and what does that say about your relationship?! Choose our lavender necklace, bracelet and studs instead, for something that will endure and has the same lovely shade.

Even if you mess up the rest of Valentine’s day, (face it, a lot of men forget the holiday all together), you can’t go wrong with our pearls, and they are just a click away! And for those ladies who are sad to be solo on V-day, make up for it by spoiling yourself with one of our pendants or dangles. We have a plethora of equally wonderful options just for you!

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8.0-14.0mm White South Sea Obsession Pendant & Stud Earrings

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8.0-14.0mm White South Sea Obsession Pendant & Stud Earrings

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