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What are Freshwater Orient Pearls?

What are Freshwater Orient Pearls?

Freshwater Orient pearls are the very highest quality Freshwater pearls available.  They represent the top .01% of the pearl harvest.  That's one in 10,000 pearls.  When freshwater pearls are collected from the mollusks they are sorted according to size, color and quality.  The quality factors considered are the luster, the shape (perfectly round pearls are rarer and more expensive) and the surface quality or degree of natural blemishing. Pearls are separated to make pearl strands that may be  A quality, AA quality, AA+ quality or AAA quality.  Individual pearls that exceed the standards for the AAA necklace pearls are kept as loose pearls for use in earrings and pendants.  They are considered Gem quality pearls.  Some of these pearls also have displays of orient.  These are the pearls that we drill and string to make our  Freshwater Orient Collection pearl jewelry.  They are usually slightly more perfect than the AAA quality pearl necklaces in shape, luster and surface cleanness.  We sell jewelry of this quality pearls in all the colors that freshwater pearls come in naturally.  None are color treated.

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