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What kind of mom do you have? The perfect pearl jewelry gift for YOUR mother.

What kind of mom do you have? The perfect pearl jewelry gift for YOUR mother.

Mother: For most people the word fills us with feelings of warmth and love. She is the first person who loved us unconditionally. She also cared for us when we were unable to do so ourselves. Not all mothers are created equal though. Lets look at a few different types of mothers and what pearl jewelry gift would best suit them.

First of all we have the Responsible/Perfectionist mother. This mother always fulfilled. She never forgot to pick you up at school, she baked cookies for you and your friends and she made sure you got your homework done. For this woman nothing would please her more than the classic string of white pearls. It shows all of her responsibility coming to fruitage in the fact that her child chose the perfect necklace.

Secondly we have the Emotional mother. She is the one who was crying at all your school plays.... laughed at all of your jokes. Some days she showed all the emotions of the emotional rainbow. For this woman of many faces something colorful like the multi-colored necklaces matches her many moods. Also she is also the mother likely to wear ropes of pearls. They go along with her open state of mind.

Next we have the Best Friend Mother. She is the one you told all of your secrets to and she listened without judgement. There was no one who would assist you like she did and no one that pushed you to fulfill your dreams like your mum. This is the kind of mother who loves to see that you are sharing a matching set of bracelets. What better connection to your mother can you have than this?

Last but not least is the Nurturing mother. She is almost the perfect mother. She is loving and kind. Healed your wounds and kissed your scraped knees. She is the mother who let you shine and made you feel like life was worth living. For this mother a beautiful pendant necklace would show how singular she is of all mothers. One pearl of special value on a precious chain. Nothing says it better. A perfect pearl jewelry gift for mother.

Of course, there are many styles of mothering and many styles of pearl jewelry. Please look through the pages of our website and see which style best matches one of the most important women in your life.

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