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Akoya Pearl Matching and Stringing

After drilling, Akoya pearls are carefully sorted based on millimeter or half millimeter differences, such as 6.5-7.0mm or 7.0-7.5mm sizes. They are then sorted to match color, luster, and body quality. The matched pearls are then strung into 14 or 16 inch temporary hanks (simply tied at both ends) or into finished pearl necklaces, bracelets, etc. The jewelry is strung by jewelry stringers and labeled based on size and quality i.e. 7.5-8.0mm AAA quality.

The procedure for matching, drilling and stringing is similar for other types of pearl necklaces.

The technicians strive to create the best matched strand they can. After this they are labeled and shipped out on the market. Retailers or wholesalers will actually complete the jewelry by adding a clasp or earring post as required and in some cases actually complete the stringing themselves. Then the exquisite pearl jewelry is ready to be sold.