Some terms that describe baroque pearls include cones, boomerangs or butterfly wings. Of course there are countless other intriguing shapes as well. Pearls that look round or symmetrical, but have deposits of extra nacre, are classified as semi-baroque.

The baroque shaped pearl is often formed in an oyster/mollusk’s muscle tissue, rather than in its softer organs (like the gonad). And the curved contours on the pearl are sometimes hollow. Baroque pearls usually rank third in value behind symmetrical and spherical pearls.

The attractive characteristics of the Baroque or Semi-baroque pearls is that normally the nacre is thick and the luster is deep and rich which is mostly AAA or AA+ rated. The unique shape truly creates a special piece of pearl jewelry that cannot be copied. Tahitian Baroque necklaces are incredibly stunning with their amazing array of color and their eye catching shape. Don’t mistake Baroque as inferior… it is simply Special!