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Demand and Supply of Akoya Pearls

Since the great discoveries made by Kokichi Mikimoto, the supply of Akoya Pearls have increased dramatically. The ability to create these beautiful pearls, rather than simply finding them naturally, added a whole new dimension to the Akoya Pearl Market. The demand for pearls has always been strong. For centuries the rich and famous wore exquisite pearl jewelry as a sign of their wealth and power. And at that time, all pearl jewelry was created from natural pearls, usually found by divers. Today, matching pearl necklaces made completely of natural pearls are almost priceless, not to mention extremely rare.

Today, the demand is even stronger for Akoya pearls. Akoya pearl jewelry is very fashionable in today’s society. But there are a few large differences in today’s market. One is that pearl jewelry is no longer for the rich and famous only. Quality cultured Akoya pearl jewelry can be found for a fraction of the price it used to be and is available to the general public. It can be found in retail outlets now all over the World.

The most notable marketing change, however, has to be the addition of the Internet. Over the internet, anybody can find exquisite Akoya pearl jewelry for a fraction of the price that you will pay at retail outlets. These have all added to the demand for Akoya pearls. Between the Japanese and most recently the Chinese, the supply of Akoya pearls is larger than it has ever been. Technology is allowing larger crops of better quality Akoya pearls. The result is exquisite Akoya pearl jewelry available to the world.

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8.0-14.0mm White South Sea Obsession Pendant & Stud Earrings

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