The Tahitian pearls farmer operates under the watchful eye of the French Polynesian government. In order for a pearl farmer to farm his pearls, he must first own land or rent land adjacent to the lagoons they’re farming. If they do, then they can rent the lagoon farming area from the government. If they wish to sell their pearls on the international market, they must pay export taxes and go through the French Polynesian customs.

The government of French Polynesia protects the oysters that the pearl industry depends on. They have a policy that forbids the collection of adult wild Tahitian oysters, in order to ensure adequate breeding stock. They also conduct general government-funded research on pearl production with the Tahitian oyster.

The GIE PERLES DE TAHITI was formed in French Polynesia in 1993 by the government. It is a non-profit group that makes it their mission to promote Tahitian cultured pearls and pearl jewellery products overseas.