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Imitation and Mallorca Pearls

Are Mallorca Pearls Real Pearls?
Mallorca Pearls are Imitation man made products. It is a general misconception that Mallorca pearls are real and this is absolutely FALSE. However, of the many fake pearls available, Mallorca pearls are one of the better imitations.

How to Tell a Fake Pearl
Some of the giveaway signs of imitation pearl jewelry are immediately noticeable. One of the more telltale signs is a strand of black pearls that are large, symmetrical, and perfectly matched in every way. A strand such as this does not exist with real pearls, as each natural pearl is a slightly different. Especially with the different colored hues between naturally black pearls such as Tahitian pearls.

Have a look at the drill hole. On imitation pearls, the drill hole is almost never as precise when compared to real cultured pearls.

Imitation pearls are typically made from glass, ceramic, shell, or even plastic. They are coated with materials such as varnish in order to produce their fake luster. Common names for imitation ones are “faux”, "simulated," "artificial," or "man-made." Sometimes, the names of regions are also used. Examples of this include “Red Sea Pearls” or Mallorca Pearls. The most common imitation pearls are referred to as “Majorca Pearls”, which are essentially made of glass. It is considered very deceptive in the pearl industry to sell imitation pearls without clearly declaring that fact.

A marketing ploy common among imitation pearl sellers are sometimes called “semi-cultured”. This is a misleading phrase used my some deceptive retailers. This is where rejected pearls are taken and covered with a mother-of-pearl coating along with other luster imitating chemicals and then resold to the public. These are classified as imitation pearls and not semi-cultured as there is no such term associated with cultured pearls.

Real pearls
Genuine cultured pearls may be identified as freshwater pearls or the saltwater pearls may be identified as Akoya Pearls or Tahitian pearls or South Sea pearls. The term cultured refers to how the pearl begins forming in the oyster. Cultured pearls are not fakes.
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