How are Mallorca Pearls made?
Mallorca pearls (or Majorica pearls) are manmade imitation pearls that are produced on the island of Majorca, Spain. They are made in the following way:
1. Spherical pieces of opaque white glass of a similar weight to real pearls are dipped into a special mixture of pearly essence called “Essence d’Orient”. This is made of substances extracted from ground up fish scales and shells and mixed with a resin like substance. The exact recipe is kept secret.
2. After dipping, they are dried and polished to remove lumps and irregularities.
3. The process is repeated from 8 to 34 times according to the quality that is desired.
4. Then they are coated with a layer of lacquer to seal them. They are known as faux (from the French word meaning “false”)pearls. Majorica pearls have higher quality standards than many imitation pearls, but the final product, while beautiful in its place as costume jewelry, has a very different look to genuine pearls.

What’s the Difference between Mallorca Pearls and Real Pearls in Appearance?
Genuine cultured pearls, whether freshwater or saltwater pearls, are produced in a mollusc, and are formed of many microscopic layers of nacre, which is the same substance the mollusc secretes to form mother of pearl on the inside of the shell. Some have a nucleus made of the shell of freshwater molluscs, whereas others have no hard nucleus, the pearl having been formed around a tiny piece of tissue, which disintegrates. This gives them a different look to imitation pearls. As the light enters a real pearl it passes through many, many layers of nacre with its microscopic overlapping platelets of aragonite. The refraction of the light produces the lustrous quality that artificial pearls cannot have. Some have described it as a glow from within. Others thrill to the rainbow iridescence found in certain pearls.

Artificial pearls are cheaper than real pearls. But for someone special, real pearls are a much higher quality gift that shows the depth of your love. Real cultured pearls come in different prices, qualities, colors and sizes, so there is usually something within everyone’s budget.