What are Melo Pearls?

Melo pearls are some of the rarest pearls. They are natural pearls of a non-nacreous nature, with a porcelain-like luster. No method of culturing them has been found yet. Pearl jewelry made from melo pearls is extremely rare.

Where the Pearls are Found

Melo pearls grow in gastropods of the Melo genus, such as the Melo Melo species. They take many years if not decades to grow. They are only found in Southeast Asia. Beautiful melo pearls have been found in the sea near Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, China, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philipines.

Pearl Color

Melo pearls are of an orange hue. They can vary from light creamy orange to shades of golden, orange, brownish orange, amber and brown. They sometimes have displays of flame structure, similar to that in conch pearls.

Pearl Size and Shape

The pearls are most often off-round or egg-shape, although occasionally round pearls are found. They can be up to 20-30mm in size.


These pearls are valued higher than conch pearls. Prices for large, fine quality melo pearls have reached hundreds of thousands of dollars for one pearl. They are mostly owned by pearl connoisseurs and collectors.

Pearl Jewelry

As they are so rare, pearl necklaces are not available in melo pearls. Pearl earrings have been made, and they are used in custom designer pieces of pearl jewelry. But most of the pearl jewelry available for sale today is made of cultured pearls, as the larger amount of pearls available make pearl necklaces and other pearl jewellery more easily produced.