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Mikimoto's Legacy

From about 1899 until he passed away, Mikimoto created many forms of Pearl Jewelry using his beautiful cultured pearls. He truly was a pioneer in the pearl jewelry industry. Each piece of his Pearl Jewelry was beautiful and unique. After cultivating the pearl, he continued making progress in the Pearl Jewelry industry. He combined European and Japanese aesthetics to create some of the most comfortable, and best looking Pearl Jewelry that could be found anywhere. Of course his legacy lives on through the company he built. His company continues to control much of the Japanese Pearl industry today, creating unique jewelry items and selling them around the world with his stamp on it Mikimoto or commonly known as Akoya pearls, the highest quality of which are Hanadama pearls.
AA+ Quality Black Akoya Pearl Set, 6.5-7.0mm

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AA+ Quality Black Akoya Pearl Set, 6.5-7.0mm

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