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Pearl Information

Pearl Necklace Lengths
Pearl Care
Pearl Sizes
Pearl Types
Pearl Shapes
Pearl Grading
Pearl Bracelet Sizes
Pearl Colors and Overtones
Real or Fake?
Freshwater Pearls vs Akoya Pearls
Cultured Pearls vs Natural Pearls

How to Choose Pearls - 5 Step Guide for Beginners (With Video Explanation)
Frequently Asked Questions

A to Z Guide to Pearl Terms Help Desk

Pearl Quality and Grading
Mikimoto Grading System
Value Factors
What does AAA Really Mean?
Tricks of the Business

Pearl Luster
Luster Ratings
Value of Luster

Pearl Body Surface
Surface Characteristics
Value of Body Surface
Nacre Quality

Pearl Shape
Common Shapes
Value of Symmetrical Pearls
Value of Baroque Pearls

Pearl Color
Color Characteristics
Trade Color Vocabulary
Body Color
Value of Pearl Color

Pearl Sizes
Common Sizes
Value of Size
Examples of Pearl Sizes

Pearl Treatments
Dyeing Methods and Detection
Luster Treatments

Imitation Pearls
Imitation and Mallorca Pearls
How are Mallorca Pearls Made?
Tooth Test and Magnification

Pearl Care
Pearl Care Instructions

Wedding Pearls
What Pearl Necklace do I buy for my Wedding?
What should I Buy for my Wedding Party?

Questions and Answers
Difference between Cultured and Natural Pearls
Difference between Freshwater Pearls vs Akoya Pearls
What are Mikimoto Pearls?
Tips on Buying Pearls
Real Pearls vs Imitation
Chinese Akoya Pearls vs Japanese Akoya Pearls
What Size of Pearl should I Buy?
What Size of Pearl Necklace should I Buy?
How do I measure for a Pearl Necklace? How else can I Fashionably Wear my Pearls?

Natural Pearls
Why the Transition to Cultured Pearls?
World's Natural Pearl Beds
World Wildlife Fund Recommendations
Values of Natural to Cultured Pearls
What is the Difference between Natural and Cultured?

Cultured (Nucleated) Pearls
Cultured How does the Miracle Happen?
Nucleating Saltwater Akoya Pearls
Nucleating Saltwater Tahitian Pearls
Nucleating Saltwater South Sea Pearls
Nucleating Freshwater Pearls
Other Pearls
Technology in Nucleation

Saltwater Akoya Pearls
Akoya Pearl Color Guide
Demand and Supply of Akoya Pearls
Post Harvest Processing
Cutting and Drilling
Matching and Stringing
China and the World of Akoya Pearls
Versatile Akoya Jewelry
Hanadama Pearls

Tahitian Pearls
Demand and Supply of Tahitian Pearls
Post Harvest Processing
Cutting and Drilling
Matching and Stringing
French Polynesia and the World of Tahitian Pearls
Where Else do you find Tahitian Pearls?
The Distinguished look of Tahitian Jewelry?
Why Baroque Tahitian Pearls?

Southsea Pearls
Demand and Supply of Saltwater Sea Pearls
Post Harvest Processing
Cutting and Drilling
Matching and Stringing
Northern Australia and the World of South Sea Pearls
Other Locations of South Sea Pearls
The Stunning South Sea Jewelry

Freshwater Pearls
Demand and Supply of Freshwater Pearls
Post Harvest Processing
Cutting and Drilling
Matching and Stringing
China and the World of Freshwater Pearls
Other Locations of Freshwater Pearls
The Marvelous options of Freshwater Jewelry
New Freshwater Orient Pearls! Technology at its Finest!

Other Pearls
Other Pearls
Conch Pearls
Melo Pearls
Mabe Pearls

Pearl Farms
World Leaders in Pearls
Saltwater Akoya Farming
Saltwater Tahitian Farming
Saltwater South Sea Farming
Freshwater Pearl Farming
Red Tide
Perils of the Pearl Farm
Technology and Pearl Farming

Harvesting Pearls
Saltwater Akoya Harvesting
Saltwater Tahitian Harvesting
Saltwater South Sea Harvesting
Freshwater Pearl Harvesting
Technology and Harvesting

Ancient Pearl History
Pearls and Mythology
Pearl Fashion History

Kokichi Mikimoto
The Man
His Work
Mikimoto the Business Man
His Legacy