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Pearl Luster Ratings

Categories of Luster

Excellent AAA quality
Pearls with excellent or AAA quality luster will be bright, sharp and very distinct and may have a degree of Orient noticeable.

Good AA+ quality
A pearl with good or AA+ quality luster will have bright reflections, but not quite so sharp and no degree of Orient. They will be slightly hazy around the edges.

Fair AA quality
Fair or AA quality luster pearls will have some weak, hazy, and blurred reflections.

Poor A quality
Pearls with poor or A quality Luster are usually described as dim and diffused.

Akoya pearls have a very brilliant, almost metallic luster that appeals to many, and are therefore highly prized. The highest quality Akoya pearls are called Hanadama pearls and have a bright mirror like luster that is envied. Freshwater pearls must be of the highest quality to display a similar degree of outstanding luster. The pearls known as Freshwater Orient pearls are known to have very high luster. Tahitian pearls are stunning when they are of AAA quality, displaying a breathtaking luster. South Sea pearls have a softer luster, but rich due to the thickness of the nacre.

No doubt, pearl necklaces with extremely high luster are a must for any jewelry box.One can imagine walking into a room wearing excellent AAA quality luster pearls. The whole room would almost reflect off the pearls themselves.
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8.0-14.0mm White South Sea Obsession Pendant & Stud Earrings

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