Due to the cultivation of new types of pearls in the last century, there has been an array of new colors that have been developed. Traditionally, as pearls gain new colors, the pearl marketers come up with new trade terms to describe these colors. Many more color terms have been coined due to the rise of colorful Tahitian pearl jewelry and Freshwater pearl jewelry in recent years. Here are a few of the popular trade names for colors:

Apricot – Light pinkish orange used for Freshwater pearls.
Aubergine – Tahitian pearls with a dark grayish purple body color.
Golden – Strong greenish yellow to orange yellow cultured pearls found in South Sea Pearls.
Lavender – Light pinkish purple Freshwater Cultured Pearls.
Peacock – Tahitian Cultured Pearls with a dark green gray to blue gray body color with rose to purple overtones.
Pistachio – Tahitian Cultured Pearls with a yellowish green to greenish yellow body color.