After drilling, the pearls are then matched up and strung into pearl necklaces or bracelets, etc. First, they are sorted based on size differences. Then color, luster, and quality are matched up. South Sea pearls can range from 9mm to 20mm, with the majority being about 13mm. Therefore, the range in a given necklace could have differences of several millimeters between pearls sizes which will create a tapered look with the center pearl being the largest. The pearl jewelry is then created by jewelry technicians or designers and labeled based on the finished size and quality.

The pearls are put on to 14 or 16 inch temporary strands (tied at each end). The pearl technicians strive to create the best matched strand they can. After this they are labeled and shipped out on the market. As they are received by retailers or wholesalers, the jewelry is actually created by adding a clasp or earring post as required and strung to the perfect size. They are now ready for sale.

To create earrings, two South Sea pearls of identical size, shape, color, overtone and luster must be found. These are matched and sold as a pair to be made into whatever style South Sea Earrings are desired, whether stud earrings or dangle earrings. These can be white pearls with pink or blue overtones or golden pearls - from a deep creamy color to rich gold color pearls that make stunning earrings.