Black Tahitian pearls are special, just like all pearls. Although sometimes known as black Tahitian pearls, they come in an array of different colors. Each pearl has its own charm and allure. The difference is that Tahitian pearl jewelry stands out as “exotic”. Nowhere else in the pearl family is there an aubergine colored pearl. A clean, round, 14mm matched aubergine colored Tahitian cultured pearl necklace is extremely valuable, not to mention stunning to behold.

Tahitian Pearls are extremely valuable and different because of their color and size. Most consumers only visualize pearls as being white. Therefore, when someone stumbles across Tahitian pearl jewelry, they are usually taken aback by the lovely dark colors portrayed. Some of the range of natural colors found in Tahitian pearls are seen below. Tahitian pearl necklaces and Tahitian pearl bracelets can be varied and exotic.

These very large and uniquely colored Tahitian pearls have given Pearl Jewelers great pleasure in the creation of very distinguished and unique pearl jewelry for the world to enjoy.