One can find any type of pearl jewelry with Freshwater Pearls. Since they are quite abundant and their price is relatively low, buying a beautiful freshwater pearl necklace is a very interesting prospect for many people. The low price also provides opportunity for multi strand pearl necklaces and bracelets at affordable prices. The broad range of colors and shapes give Jewelers a chance to experiment and create very unique jewelry. Baroque freshwater cultured pearls can always be found in the most interesting jewelry pieces.

Adding multiple colored pearls to the same strand in pearl necklaces or pearl bracelets has become a unique alternative to the traditional strand. While matching the size and overall quality of the pearls is still done, the variety of colors makes for a unique and stand-out look that has a special appeal. With the abundance of shapes and colors available in freshwater pearls, as well as the relatively low price when compared to others, the pearl jewelry possibilities are almost endless.