Natural pearls are becoming very rare in modern times. There is a market for purely natural pearls, though it is a very small market, and these are increasingly expensive items of pearl jewelry . A single strand of matched natural pearls, in these circles, will sell for around $100,000, or perhaps even more.

Natural Pearls are found all over the world. In truth, most places you find oysters, it is possible for one to find natural pearls. However finding beautiful, near perfect natural pearls is very difficult. The area that is acknowledged to be the best place for natural pearls is the Arabian Gulf. No other location has produced natural pearls of good quality or quantity so consistently. There, pearl divers look for a perfect natural pearl in order to sell in the market place. The natural pearls remain very rare, however, due to government regulation of pearl diving in the area. It would be a travesty if the oysters became extinct due to the natural pearl trade.