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What are Mikimoto Pearls?

The term “Mikimoto Pearl” refers to the Japanese innovator Kokichi Mikimoto (1858-1954). He invented the technique of culturing pearls. He is said to have revolutionized the Pearl industry as we know it today. He had an amazing fascination with the production of the Natural Pearl and felt that “Man” could lend a helping hand to help create this marvelous gem.

He theorized that oysters created pearls as a defense against a “foreign” object within the body of the oyster. So Kokichi Mikimoto began to insert various objects in the body in the hope they would create “The Pearl”. After many years of failed experiments finally on July 11, 1893 his wife opened an oyster to find a pearl. Not perfect but none the less a Pearl.

Today, the Mikimoto pearl refers to Akoya Cultured Pearls. Mikimoto pearl brand are actually Hanadama Pearls and are very rare and the absolute finest in the world. Only Hanadama Pearls are sold in strands (Hanks) of 18 inches or less. These are certified by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan and cannot be broken up into say bracelets or earrings. Once a strand is broken up then the certification no longer applies.

Mikimoto jewelry is simply the brand used by a specific farm, processor, manufacturer and retailer and is still a large enterprise today. Kokichi Mikimoto's legacy of fine and unique cultured pearl jewelry lives on.
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