The world wildlife fund does not recommend much in the way of protecting oysters/mollusks from extinction. This is not because they are indifferent, but more so due to the governments of most pearl producing countries regulating the oyster/mollusk population. Also, there are many regulatory committees in the pearl producing regions of China, Japan, and the south sea areas. Pearl farmers themselves are more than happy to be careful with their pearl production and oyster population because they obviously need oysters for their future pearl farming endeavors.

One of the few concerns is the declination of the Queen Conch oyster in most areas of the Caribbean. Apparently, these populations have declined due to intensive fishing for their meat and collection for their shells and pearls. The shells are sold whole or are made into carvings or jewelry. Also, rare conch pearls are in great demand for jewelry. Therefore, the World Wildlife Fund recommends that any travelers to the Caribbean take care if they want to purchase some home-made pearl jewelry from the locals. If not, the Queen Conch oyster could become endangered in this area of the world.